VLOG – How to Get Your Hygge On! 

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Feeling a teensy bit gloomy what with badly named storms passing through and the prospect of shorter days ahead? Want to hunker down and feel cosy inside and out? Want some uplifting recommended reading to get you giggling your way back to happiness? Got a spare 3 minutes? WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK!

Watch my short vlog to find out HOW TO GET YOUR HYGGE ON (sorry about the part where I explain tea – the rest is excellent),

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Rosie’s 5 Writing Tips

Dear All,

So the sun is shining, THE HYGGE HOLIDAY is already an Amazon Bestseller (I could kiss each and every one of you for pre-ordering you gorgeous little beauties) and it’s even in The Sun newspaper today described as, “the most gorgeous read” SO I need to give something back…

Today’s vlog contains five of my favourite writing tips. I hope you enjoy and if you are writing your own book shout me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as I’m always keen to hear more.

Thanks for the support and the love,
Rosie X


The Hygge Holiday: VLOG

Dear All,

Whoop it’s Publication week and I cannot WAIT for you guys to read THE HYGGE HOLIDAY. Lots coming up so keep your eyes peeled and do subscribe to my monthly newsletter (link here: https://t.co/YyrAvzQ77h?amp=1) to WIN a gorgeous hygge bundle of lovely things including a signed copy of THE HYGGE HOLIDAY.

Thanks for the love so far – enjoy the vlog!

Rosie x

THE HYGGE HOLIDAY – now on NetGalley

Hi all,

So if you are book lover with a book blog or a penchant for leaving reviews on sites like Goodreads/Amazon/Waterstones and want to get your mitts on an early copy of my next book THE HYGGE HOLIDAY (out September 21st) then head over to NetGalley as my lovely publishers Sphere, Little Brown have popped it on there.

If you do get a copy give me a shout on FB or Twitter and let me know. Thank you so much for your love and support and hope you enjoy the read,

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So my new book THE HYGGE HOLIDAY will be out on 21st September 2017. Here’s what it’s all about…

‘It’s autumn in the little town of Yulethorpe and everyone is gloomy. It’s cold, drizzly and the skies are permagrey. The high street is full of struggling shops. The last stand-out shop – a little toy shop on the high street of the town – has just shut its doors. Everything is going wrong for Yulethorpe this autumn. Until Clara Kristensen arrives.

Clara is on holiday in Yulthorpe but she knows how important it is to be part of a community. She realises that the toy shop was the one last bright spark in town and rolls up her sleeves and sets to work. Reopening the shop, she cleans it all up and starts to bring back magic to the town, running events for local children and changing her window displays every night to the joy of the small people who are convinced that magical elves are doing it.

Until the owner of the toyshop’s son, Joe, turns up. He is Very Busy and Important in Business and hasn’t been able to get away until now, but he is HORRIFIED at Clara. What does she think she’s doing? Where is the money? He can’t believe that anyone would work this hard just for the fun of making magic and bringing life back to a dying high street.

Can a man who’s wedded to the city, his mobile phone learn to appreciate the slower, happier, hygge-r things in life – naps, country walks and falling in love?’

It has been the LOVELIEST book to write and I just can’t wait to share it with you all. If you are book blogger do get in touch as I’d love to do lots of lovely bookish things around publication day.

Thank you all for being amazing and giving a monkeys about my BIG NEWS or at least humouring my excitement.

Love ya,
Rosie X

Rosie’s Big News…

Soooooo team my BIG NEWS worthy of CAPITALISATION is that…

I HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT THIS SEPTEMBER! It’s called THE HYGGE HOLIDAY which none of you will be able to pronounce (unless you’re Danish) but all of you will LOVE (obv) (fingers crossed) (oh I really hope so).

ANNNNNND I ALSO HAVE A BRAND SPANKING NEW PUBLISHERS – SPHERE, LITTLE BROWN and couldn’t be more thrilled to have joined them.

ANNNNNNNDDDDD I am going to do a COVER REVEAL in the THE NEXT FEW MINUTES of my gorgeous, beautifully packaged new book! ANNNNNNNNDDDD tell you all about it.

I knew you’d be on the edge of your seats. I’m EXHAUSTED from the tension.

Watch out for the cover reveal and synopsis coming right up…

Right. I need a nap.

Rosie X

Oh G’day Gorgeous Book

Thank you lovely Kat Black for sending me this brilliant photograph from Sydney airport. She spotted my debut novel HOW TO GET A (LOVE) LIFE snuggled up next to Marian Keyes. If you’d told me ten years ago my book would sit on a table next to Lady Marian Keyes of Awesomeness I really would not have believed you. Thank you everyone who posts and sends me pics too, there is nothing lovelier than seeing your book out there in the real world.

Yay to the Book Thang,

Rosie X


Writing Tips and Tricks

I recently finished the first draft of my next novel (more news to be unveiled on that score very soooooon). A lot of people* ask me what my process is. I always look very, very intelligent when I respond whilst simultaneously panicking that my approach to writing probably cannot be defined as a process. Sooooo here are some hints and tips that I use that help me get words on the page:

*one person like three years ago

– Set yourself a time. Stop fretting about word count but set yourself a time to write. Half an hour, twenty minutes, an hour. Whatever it is writing is ALL YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO IN THAT TIME. Even if you sit staring blankly at the screen you are NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE IN THAT TIME. Aggressive enough for you?

– Abandon things in the middle so the next time you return you pick up where you left off. I love this tip. It just means you don’t have to stare at an intimidating blank screen but can re-read the words and pick up where you left off.

– Actively think about your characters and plot when you are not writing. Try to think things through when you take a walk, or a shower or mull things over during a car journey. It is amazing how much can get unstuck when you are just pondering options.

– Reward yourself. If you have a good hour/day/week make sure you celebrate it. Those 90,000 words will come and you need to ensure you keep motivated. Be nice to yourself. Order the cake.

– Talk to other writers, and non-writers too. Yes! Even your average civilian non-writing person can help you! Discuss your plot problem with them, even if they offer up lots of ideas that don’t quite fit chances are they are helping you work it out.

– Ensure there is somewhere in your house that means WHEN I SIT HERE I WRITE. I AM A WORDSMITH. I AM A WARRIOR OF WRITING. You get the idea. I’m lucky enough to escape to a rather lovely garden shed but ensure there is somewhere you go (a desk/sofa/specific corner of the room) that does mean you are writing and not faffing around on social media/sending work emails/taking artful photos of your desk to put on Instagram. I switch off my wifi on my laptop so I can’t even be tempted and I don’t take my phone to the shed anymore. I CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

– Another tip is to surround yourself with other writers where possible. Is there a local festival you can attend? A book group in your area? A local Twitter pal you could write with? The photo of me below (where I look like I own a massive mansion/Earldom) was taken on a Book Camp writing retreat in Somerset where I wrote many, many words in not very many days. It was fantastic because I was surrounded by other writers all working feverishly on their own projects. We talked books in the evenings, swapped tips about structure and plot and pacing. We also drank tea and laughed together. There is nothing more inspiring than being part of a gang like that. Also you feel terrible when you are sitting around a table with people bashing out words and you are opening up Twitter for the 64th time that day.

I hope some of these tips and tricks help and do get in touch if you want to know more. I do love a good writerly chin wag.

Rosie X