Hooray in German and Italian!

It has been a fantastic first few weeks doing the Blog Tour and visiting so many fine folks to talk about ‘How to Get a (Love) Life’, my intense love for Jilly Cooper, white chocolate and frozen raspberries and Julia Roberts (call me Jules ‘K!) It has also been an amazing experience picking up the phone to hear my fab agent Clare Wallace at Darley Anderson bringing me… news from abroad.

In the last two weeks Clare has sold the rights to ‘How to Get a (Love) Life’ to both Egmont in Germany and De Agostini in Italy. This has put an incredible spring in my step and has also given me an excellent excuse to look up flights to Europe (Me to Husband: “I need to tour my public.”) (Him to me: *rolls eyes*)

This news also makes my page on the Darley Anderson website look cooler. See evidence here: http://www.darleyanderson.com/authors/rosie-blake

So that is it for now. Check out tomorrow when I bring you MORE NEWS (about myself). Totes edge-of-seat stuff, it’s like a ROLLERCOASTER of emotions this blog.

Rosie x

Clare, Mary and Me

Clare Wallace, Mary Darby (Darley Anderson) and me