WoMentoring – Meet my Lovely Mentee!






“Who is this attractive specimen Rosie?” I hear you ask. 

Well fabulously observant reader this is my new mentee Katy. As some of you know I am part of the WoMentoring Project set up by Kerry Hudson (who wrote one of the best debut novels I have ever read by the by – ‘Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma’ – read it) and the process has come to a temporary end as I have sifted through the applications and selected someone I really want to work with.

Katy’s application was excellent and the opening chapter she sent me was witty and natural and light. I was so moved by the writers who wrote to me, particularly those battling with a lack of confidence (DON’T LET ‘EM GET YOU DOWN) and Katy has her own unique story to tell too. So I’ll be quiet now – let’s find out more from Katy in her words:

“Hellooo you lovely lot! *waves manically feeling the top of my arms wobble* I am Rosie’s mentee which feels surreal as I type this word. My name is Katy Gough and I am obsessed with Jack Bauer, Fondant Fancies, educating French people on the wonders of a cup of tea and having dad-style dancing outbursts. I have always loved writing short stories, daydreaming about plotlines as well as unhealthily devouring rom-com women’s fiction. After being a jilted bride I quit my job, sold everything and stuffed the rest into a huge backpack to go and travel alone. This was the start of a great adventure and refuelled my love of writing as I began to blog about my escapades (www.notwedordead.com) I am now living in France trying not to eat my body weight in croissants. Mega thanks to Rosie for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Let’s do this! You can find me at http://www.notwedordead.com or come and say hi on Twitter @notwedordead.”


I absolutely agree – let’s do this – I for one cannot WAIT! 


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