Happy (1/2) Birthday To You!

‘How to Get a (Love) Life’ is 6 months old today and that time has flown by. So much amazing stuff has happened that we want to celebrate:

– Loads of lovely people have bothered to buy it, review it, talk about it and more

– It will be an Audio Book (coming soon from W.F.Howes)

– It is out in hardback in Italy right now with a beautiful cover published by De Agostini

– It will be out in Germany with Egmont later this year too

– Some amazing authors who I adore contacted me and told me they loved it (yes Richard Asplin, Miranda Dickinson, Joanna Bolouri and Lucy Robinson I am talking about you)

– Some fabulous bloggers have interviewed me for their sites, reviewed and share news of the book 

– The encouragement has allowed me to really enjoy writing Book 2. (More of that soon…)

– Only about 3 people have said it’s rubbish (n.b. To my face)

So today we wanted to celebrate all that brilliant stuff by running some competitions, giveaways and more. To cap it all for 24 hours only the book will be… FREE. Click on the link below if you want to get your mitts on a copy. We want to ensure lots more lovely people read and enjoy it and spread that yellow cover lovin’.

Thank you to all those who have helped make the last 6 months SUCH fun,

Rosie x x x