A Writing Retreat

What a fabulous few days in Cornwall. Sometimes I find that the best way to write is to remove myself from the normal routine and head off to get some words down and feel inspired by a new setting. My destination was South West Cornwall cue: jaw drop. The scenery was amazing, I lived on a diet of Clotted Cream and I saw a seal too. Tick, tick, tick.


Me at Lizard Point

I wrote on my iPad in cafes by day and in the B&B in the evening. It’s obviously expensive and, for some writers with families pretty impossible to do regularly, but I hope if you are writing there is a place you can remove yourself to – the shed in the garden, or a walk nearby that can let you breathe and think things through.

There really is nothing better than completely immersing yourself in the book, tackling plot problems, looking at a sea view and realising that random thought in your head has fixed something you’d been mulling over for ages. And you don’t have to clean the house or cook or talk to people about bills/post/their bad back/the cost of petrol. You do perhaps go a bit stir crazy because you have only been hanging out with the voices in your head but a day of readjustment – “Why the wild eyes Rosie?” – and some odd looks are totally worth it. 

I feel energised and excited and rested as I move into the final part of Book 2. And yes I also think I have a title. But more of that another time…