How to Survive Christmas by Rosie, Lisa and Holly X

Lisa DickensonLisa’s Top Tips:
Invest in some Special Christmas Day Sweatpants. 
Getting glammed for the big day is mega-fun: glittery tights, posh dress, fuzzy cardigan and gold eyeshadow. But after the turkey, potatoes, pudding and port have been shoved in your gob it’s nice to hang loose and stare at the TV, rubbing your belly. Keep yourself feeling festive and glam by having a new pair of cosy, awesome, just-as-special sweats to change yourself in to.
Wear lashings of red lipstick. 
Even if it’s only for an hour, in your own house, and your older brother laughs at you. Because if you can’t try out the challenging red lip at Christmas, when can you?
Suck it up and deck the damned halls.
Yes, you’ve heard Last Christmas in every other shop. Yes, you’re spending a fortune on crap that’ll be half price on December 26th. Yes, Christmas jumpers are garish and ugly. But rather than rolling your eyes, suck it up, join in, and embrace all that goes along with Christmas. You might just enjoy yourself. Scrooge did…
Holly’s Top Tips:
  1. You need to plan ahead for this one, start early.  Hide chocolate everywhere. Then when things are hectic and manic, you can escape and de-stress in the best way possible.2014-12-12_21.23.05
  2. Buy extra boxes of chocolates as gifts for any unexpected guests.  Plus if no one extra turns up, that’s more chocolate for you.
  3. If you have relatives staying that you want to get away from for a few hours, tell them of plans for a three hour hike, make it sound barren, long with difficult terrain… when in reality you are having lunch in the local pub.


Holly Martin

Rosie’s Top Tips:

Do Not Get so drunk that you find photos the next day where you are doing things like this…. but you can’t remember why.

Charlie 205

Never Mix Husbands and Cooking Together.

Rosie Blake Bread Sauce

Always have a small dog on hand to cheer things up if they look like they’re going wrong.


And that’s it from us folks. Fool-proof ways to survive Christmas.


Rosie, Lisa and Holly X