2015 – What Have You Been Doing Rosie? (you ask)

Well team I’ve been busy! I’ve started the year at a cracking pace and am putting the final touches to my second novel ‘How To Find Your (First) Husband’ which is based in a lot of different places (LA, Cornwall, Malaysia….) I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Some scenes have been inspired by TRUE LIFE EVENTS as this photo shows:


Yes when you have had your feet sellotaped into your shoes before leaping from a plane with a man attached to your back – the memory tends to stays with you for a WHILE.

I’ll be keeping you updated, posting more photos of things like COOL PARTIES to remind you what a total HIPSTER I am and generally being like, “Look team, I am OUT with FRIENDS” which helps my rep as most of the time I am ALONE in a room writing things down.

Tell me about your year, tell me cool things and speak soon,

Rosie x