Rosie’s Big News…

Soooooo team my BIG NEWS worthy of CAPITALISATION is that…

I HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT THIS SEPTEMBER! It’s called THE HYGGE HOLIDAY which none of you will be able to pronounce (unless you’re Danish) but all of you will LOVE (obv) (fingers crossed) (oh I really hope so).

ANNNNNND I ALSO HAVE A BRAND SPANKING NEW PUBLISHERS – SPHERE, LITTLE BROWN and couldn’t be more thrilled to have joined them.

ANNNNNNNDDDDD I am going to do a COVER REVEAL in the THE NEXT FEW MINUTES of my gorgeous, beautifully packaged new book! ANNNNNNNNDDDD tell you all about it.

I knew you’d be on the edge of your seats. I’m EXHAUSTED from the tension.

Watch out for the cover reveal and synopsis coming right up…

Right. I need a nap.

Rosie X